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Electric Bike Service

To counter for the drawback , large size and high cost of the electric bicycle, our company has specially introduced the electric self transport line, which features as following:
1.Volume /6000 (Volume weight = length * width * height (unit: CM) /6000), The transportation costs will be lower;

2.For bicycle transportation with battery,the consignee does not need two customs clearance, so that more acceptable;

3.Eliminating the high import tariffs and the need of consignee for customs clearance;

4.Service state: The United States,27 countries of the European Union, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia;

5.Suitable customers: samples and individual buyers.


To counter for the electric bicycle small batch purchase, delivery price is too high and too long time shipping (Due to the minimum consumption is high and the shipping destination charges), our company launched air and air freight & delivery service, features are as following:

1.Volume / 6000(Volume weight = length * height * height (unit: CM) /6000);

2.Bicycle batteries are less expensive to carry;

3.Bicycle batteries are less expensive to carry;

4.You have free choice: Air to the airport, Air transport & customs clearance and delivery service;

5.The lower overall cost;

6.Service countries: North America, Europe, The Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia;

7.Suitable customers: About 4 small wholesale

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